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JL Audio M880-ETXv3 Sport White/LED

JL Audio M880-ETXv3 Sport White/LED
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M880-ETXv3-SG-WHLD-B Enclosed Tower Coaxial Speaker System, Gloss White, Sport Grilles with Blue LED Illumination (125 W, 4 Ω) These beautiful, injection-molded enclosures are loaded with our maximum-performance, M-Series 8.8-inch coaxial speakers. These oversized coaxial drivers deliver clean, loud audio that can be heard well beyond the boat when mounted up high, and are capable of outstanding sound quality at high listening levels. The enclosures feature a decorative, aluminum logo cap on the end opposite the speaker, which can be oriented to match any custom mounting application. Each is designed to mate with one of our mounting fixtures (sold separately, and available to fit a wide range of applications). The speaker cables exit through the center of the fixtures, staying high and dry, and out of sight. Professional installation is strongly recommended. Integrated into the Sport Grille’s frame, the internal LED lighting assembly was meticulously designed to uniformly illuminate the woofer’s cone area with a lively blue glow, adding a dramatic visual experience to your high seas journey. For best results, we recommend powering these systems with an amplifier in the 125-250 W per channel range. Like all JL Audio marine speakers, this system is built to withstand a real saltwater marine environment and deliver years of listening enjoyment. Sold as a pair.

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